Freitag, 25. März 2016

About me

Hello Everyone. Thanks for looking at my blog.

My name is Alla, I´m 28 years old and from Ukraine. The last five years I lived in

Germany, where I met my boyfriend. For the next few years we have moved to 

Scrapbooking came in my life in 2013. I am making handmade photo albums, 

notebooks, cars etc.

On my new blog I will share my creations with all of you. 

Why actually "Scrapillon"? Because I just love butterflies :) In French, the word 

"butterfly" means "papillon". I decided to combine these two words in one, so that´s 
why I invented the name "Scrapillon".

On my Instagram page you can find all the "backstage" photos and also get the first

Sneak Peeks. I have also an Online-Shop in Dawanda. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog;)

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