Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Fabric Book for the baby Isabel ;)

Hello all!
Today I am here with my first fabric book. It was made for a very good friend of mine, who became her daughter a week ago;) The beautiful, tiny and very sweet Isabel. I decided to do for her a very shabby and cozy fabric book.
This book was completely made with the Tilda fabric and a lot of lace ;)
The cover of the book I have decorated with a tiny mirror, shabby ribbon and of course with the lace;)
I have never done this kind of binding bevor and I also don't know how other girls do that so I created my own) I know its not perfect but... its my first. Next time I'll fix my mistakes )))
There can be 9 pictures included into this book. Maybe for the very first Photo shooting of the baby girl).
On the last page I have aded a pocket for the tag with a first information about baby and maybe some more photos.
And the back of the book
Thank you for looking to my blog ;) see you soon ;)

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